Dorset VIP project: highways update

A short update on our work in Dorset

With the construction phase of the Dorset project now underway, you may notice some truck movements and deliveries near to the A35 in Winterbourne Abbas. These works will enable us to establish our site entrance so that we can start to enhance the local landscape by replacing 8.8km of overhead line with underground cable.

We need to create an access point on the A35 to allow our construction vehicles to reach the proposed compound site. In order to minimise disruption to this major road, we have agreed with Highways England and Dorset Council that we will gain access to build the new entrance via an existing field entrance on Longland’s Lane, just off the A35. We will be creating a temporary track to enable our vehicles to access the site, with the work being approved as permitted development by Dorset Council. This will be removed and reinstated when the work is finished and access no longer required.

We will start creating the track on Wednesday 4 September 2019. From the week commencing Monday 16 September 2019 there will be a flow of vehicles using the access route. We estimate that there will be approximately 12 truck movements a day, between 7am and 7pm. These vehicles will be delivering building materials which will be stored near the site of our proposed compound just off the A35.

When we open an entrance to the site directly onto the A35 there will be further traffic management in place. We will provide more information about this nearer the time.
If you have any questions about the works, please get in touch with the VIP project team directly by calling 0330 134 0051 or sending an email to