Fledgling birds on the Dorset VIP site

Our feathered friends on the Dorset VIP site

The team working onsite for our Dorset Visual Impact Provision project have been blessed with the presence of some feathered friends.

As our team got back to (socially distant) working patterns on site, they realised they had some unexpected guests who had taken advantage of the temporary pause in work and were making use of some seemingly secluded spots to raise a family.

First, there was the discovery of a family of robins nesting underneath the cab of an excavator. The onsite team made sure the new family were undisturbed and left in safety by clearing an area around the birds in the excavator which was cordoned off from site activity.

The red-breasted family was then joined by a pair of pied wagtails who also set themselves up on site. To make sure the adult birds and their chicks were protected, the team regularly monitored the nests.  A few weeks after spotting the original nests, the birds (adults and young alike) took flight.

Our Dorset team got the full spring experience this year, watching (and hearing) the baby birds grow and learn to fly.