Snaking around

Grass snakes and adders

Over the summer, the team on site were joined by some adders along one stretch of the route, with evidence of grass snakes too.

Guy Stanley (RSK ADAS) found the snakes while working on vegetation clearance, making it a red letter day for the whole team.

A snake expert taught our onsite environment specialists (including Liz Greenaway, who appeared in our last newsletter) how to build two alternative homes or ‘hibernacula’, not a standard day at work!

In agreement with the local landowner, we found an area which would be suitable for a permanent snake home.  Using sticks and logs from a nearby hedge (which was cut to create the entrance to the site), the hibernacula have lots of crevices and holes for the snakes to breed and sleep in, which is particularly important over the colder months.

Building the hibernacula

Blending in - the finished hibernacula

Camouflage champion, the Dorset adder