Weathering the storm

Project update - Spring 2021

The heavy rain and storms that swept across the region last year caused widespread flooding, with significant silt run-off in areas surrounding the project site.

We’ve spoken to many of you that have been affected and have seen first-hand how upsetting and disruptive this is.  We really are sorry for any disruption and want to do everything we can to help.  We continue to actively manage this and are working closely with local partners and stakeholders including the Environment Agency to improve our onsite mitigation measures.

Onsite, we’ve dug new deeper ditches and channels to divert water away from sensitive areas. We’ve also put in place further flood defences, sandbags, and straw bales as well as additional new fencing, mats and netting to catch more of the silt run off.

Throughout the rest of the project, we will continue to monitor things closely and make further improvements if they are needed.  We’d like to thank all of you who have spoken with us and shared where you think we needed to do more – we want to work with you to make sure that our project does not have a negative impact on you, our neighbours.