Compound interest as we prepare for pylons down

Our latest milestone - July 2022

In the latest milestone on the journey to removing 22 pylons from the Dorset landscape, the 29 portacabins that make up the site compound visible from the A35 will be dismantled over the coming days and weeks.

You may see the cabins including the Project Information Centre leaving the site during the last couple of weeks in July, another great step for the project. These cabins have been a base for  the large number of people (around 180 at its peak) working on site over the last three years as we have progressed with the work. They will be cleaned and reused on another project,

The cabins leaving doesn’t mean we’re finished, but it does mean we’re getting close.

The next step will require smaller specialist teams who will remove all overhead lines along the 9km stretch, ahead of the pylons themselves being taken down.

Paul Hamnett, National Grid’s senior project manager for Dorset VIP said: “I believe I speak for many of us when I say that it will be incredible to see this final step in the project and the transformed landscape it leaves behind.”

What happens next?

The nature of the work required to take down the pylons means that we can’t give a precise timeline. We are dependent on the weather, among other external factors.  We will give an indication of when we expect pylons to be taken down over the autumn, and will update our website to reflect our most accurate information.