Drilling in the right direction

Adopting techniques to reduce disruption

Our project to enhance the landscape of the Dorset AONB includes a commitment to minimising the impact of our construction work as much as possible.

We enjoy rising to the challenge by identifying innovative ways of working that help to reduce disruption for the local community.

As part of our work to lay the ducts that will hold the new electricity cables, it was important we found the best method for taking the line across the busy A35.  By using a technique called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) we’ve avoided the need for any road closures.

Rather than digging a trench across the road surface, the technology allows us to drill a pilot hole under the carriageway, enlarge this to the diameter required and then pull the ducts back through ready for the new cables to be installed.

The drilling work started in mid-July and took less than a month, without causing any negative impact for road users.