Restoration work on Corton Hill

Enhancing the Dorset landscape

The steep slopes of the Dorset AONB are part of what make this landscape so beautiful, but they have also challenged our team.

One particular incline was so steep, we had to bring in a specialist machine more at home on the Alps in Switzerland.  The spider digger has been essential on the vertiginous slopes of Corton Hill throughout the process, from installing ducting and pulling cables to restoring the natural landforms and ridges of the hillside. And in case you were worried, the notoriously sharp gradient of Corton Hill, required us to anchor the spider digger to the hill during operation to ensure the safety of all involved.

When we first came to site in autumn 2019, we took an exact scan of the undulations and tracks present on the hillside, and we are proud to see this hill now returned exactly to its original state. Another great example of the project site team going above and beyond to restore the natural beauty of the Dorset Downs landscape.

The incredible team on this project have once again shown complete mastery of these challenging landscapes and the specialist machinery required to work here. Congratulations to our own VIP spidermen.

The spider digger anchored to the steep Corton Hill slope