Seeing progress first hand – a visit from the Dorset AONB Partnership Board

A visit from local stakeholders

National Grid’s project to replace 22 pylons and almost 9km of overhead line with underground electricity cables would not be possible without the many stakeholders who have invested their time and support.


On Wednesday 30 June 2021, the project team welcomed seven visitors from the Dorset AONB Partnership Board to see the work on site first-hand. Its members have been supportive of the scheme throughout, sharing local expertise from the very start of the project.


The visit provided an opportunity to view progress and see first-hand the tremendous engineering challenge involved in burying electricity cables underground on this scale.


The AONB Partnership has also recently supported the extensive archaeology work completed as part of construction, and helped us to bring our many discoveries to life with a series of webinars. If you would like to see Tom Munro, Dorset AONB Manager, talking about the area and its history, please watch our webinar here.


On the day of the visit, Board members received a briefing in the Project Information Centre and then taken out to on site to see the scale of the project in person. They also walked some of the trails which will be visually improved by the removal of the pylons, gaining a sense of the impact removing the pylons from this inspirational landscape will have.


The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we have not been able to welcome as many people to site as we would wish. We are continuing to look at ways to bring the project to life for all impacted by our work.


In image one, starting back left hand side we have Tom Munro (Dorset AONB Manager), Will Bond (CLA / DLNP), David Charman (Natural England – NE), Kate Townsend (Dorset AONB Project Support Officer), Jeremy Pope OBE DL (Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society), Caroline Pearce (Jurassic Coast Trust – JCT), Sue Dampney (Dorset AONB Culture, Community & Learning Officer).

In image two, starting on the left hand side we have Sue Dampney, David Charman, Will Bond, Tom Munro, Caroline Pearce, Kate Townsend, Jeremy Pope (front).

In image three, starting on the left hand side we have Sue Dampney, Caroline Pearce, Will Langer, Kate Townsend, Tom Munro, David Charman.

From the project on paper... – in the Project Information Centre

– … to the project in person – viewing the scale of improvements

Walking the project – touring some of the local footpaths