Springing forwards – cable going underground

Project update - March 2021

Cable installation is one of the most important parts of this job, and we are using cutting-edge methods to keep things moving.

We’ve also had to be innovative given the challenging environment. The team is working with highly experienced and specialist experts from across the UK and Europe as we work with steep gradients, changeable weather conditions, and the famous chalk and rocky ground of the Jurassic Coast.


What’s next?

For many of us, Spring is a time of hope and new beginnings so it feels fitting that we will be starting work to restore the landscape to its outstanding beauty while we continue progressing with construction.  This is what the project is all about – making the amazing rolling downs of Dorset the most beautiful they can be.

We’re also going to start building the structures – known as sealing end compounds – which connect the new underground line to the remaining pylons. The specialist team are already working on our plans to disconnect the overhead wires so we can take down the pylons.

Dorset VIP - March 2021 update

These will house 108km of cable underground

Cable drum, tractor and trailor unit is 18m long and weighs 60 tonnes

The project team refer to this steep stretch as the Alpine Pass