Statement on returning to work

It’s important that our work continues where it’s safe and appropriate to do so

As an owner and operator of critical national infrastructure, we at National Grid know that millions of people are relying on us, now more than ever, to keep the lights on and the gas flowing.

We have engineers working hard to ensure energy can be supplied safely and efficiently to hospitals, schools, businesses and homes across the country.

We have hundreds of people working on sites across the country in a huge variety of roles that just can’t be done at home. Whether it’s construction work, maintenance, repairs or operating our control centres, it’s important that our work continues where it’s safe and appropriate to do so.

The Dorset VIP project affects a key part of national infrastructure that keeps the lights on today, tomorrow and into the future. In line with Government guidelines on construction and following a comprehensive review of our programme of work, we are now, together with our contractors, progressing the project.

We understand it can be unnerving to see others going about their daily work. Our people who need to continue working on site and in the community are doing so under stringent health and safety measures to protect not just themselves but also the communities in which they operate, and these measures will be regularly reviewed.

Our current work on the VIP project includes archaeological surveys that must happen before other construction activities begin, work on the temporary haul road that gives access to construction areas and digging the trenches which will house the electricity cables.

We are very grateful to our people who are continuing to go out to work every day, and to the local communities for their support and enabling us to go out to work.

We continue to liaise closely with government to ensure we’re following the most updated guidance and that the decisions we’re making are in the best interests of our people and communities throughout this period.

You can read more about the role of the energy industry during the current crisis from Ofgem here and from the Energy Networks Association here.