Up close and personal

Some of the UK's leading landscape experts visit Dorset VIP

Some of the UK’s leading experts in landscapes, who together advise on National Grid’s Visual Impact Provision projects, visited Dorset in November 2019 to see first-hand the important work that is going into the pylon removal.

Chaired by environmentalist and broadcaster Chris Baines, the body of experts was responsible for selecting this line of pylons for removal. As the first of the four VIP projects across England and Wales to reach construction, they were keen to see the fruits of their decision-making being delivered.

The 16 specialists – including representatives from CPRE, the National Trust, the Campaign for National Parks and Historic England – saw the landscape from locations including the Hardy Monument and the Jubilee Trail at Friar Waddon Edge.

The trip gave them close-up views of the inspirational landscape (and the impact of the pylons) that no photo can capture. The visit provided an opportunity to view progress and see the tremendous engineering challenge involved when burying electricity cables underground on this scale.

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