Sealing End Compound

Sealing End Compound – where the underground cable re-joins the overhead line

The Sealing End Compound (SEC) is the area which houses the connection between overhead line and underground cable.

This connection happens via an overhead supporting structure which we call a gantry. The gantries are around 11m in height and much smaller than the pylons currently in place. We need an SEC at each end of the underground section to reconnect the cables to the overhead line.

We have carefully chosen the locations of both SEC with advice from our landscape consultants and in full consultation with members of our technical Stakeholder Reference Group including landscape experts from the Dorset AONB Partnership, Dorset Council and Natural England. Together, we have created plans for careful screening to ensure that over time, the visual impact of these structures on the landscape will be minimised.

These images below show the two sealing end compounds after 15 years once the planting for the screening has been established.  Please note they are shown in wintertime without leaves on the trees to represent the ‘worst case’ views.